An Introduction to Literary Chinese

Michael A. Fuller

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Great subject and very intellectually rewarding. I would highly recommend doing at least 1A and 1B before this to have a frame of reference, as the lecturer will speak Chinese from time to time (but is a fluent English speaker, not to worry). You will learn how to read various Zhou and Han texts and get a rigorous understanding of the grammar points in both classical and standard, more so than Chinese 1A/1B does. You will also learn about various philosophers, such as the sages and the schools of thought. This was an incredible subject. However, I only rate it 4 stars because the quizzes were VERY inconsistent - they were every 3 weeks but the format changed each time. Also, the marker refuses to give 100% to anybody - expect to get ~90% if you submit flawless results to the teacher.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018