Organic Structures From Spectra 4E

Field, L. D.

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CHEM2401 - Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy: Study Notes

Written by Adrian

A detailed but easy to understand summary of all the CHEM2401 lecture content. These study notes...

108 pages, 11999 words

✦ CHEM2401/CHEM2911 Lecture Notes HD ✦

Written by Franco

These notes are composed of lecture materials, information from the recommended book and internet re...

124 pages, 40000 words

HD CHEM2401/2911/2915 Notes (86)

Written by Paul

Notes for the these three subjects (all the same lectures) which cover the whole course and contains...

124 pages, 9500 words


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easy if you study for it since day 1

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

A great subject with great lecturers. If you can handle first year chemistry you will be able to handle this no problem, especially the organic section, which is really just a continuation from first year. If you enjoyed first year chemistry then I would highly recommend doing it

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014