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I was shocked to come see the reviews on this subject to find a review of 100% positive feedback, albiet by a single person. The content structure of the lecture series by certain professors was agonising. One lecturer had 40 slides a hit, not light on text or figures. Staff did not know what they were doing during the laboratory, which also had a pretty confusing structure [3 experiments in total and all are carried out at the same time, generally work on sections of two of the practicals per practical day] and the lab book marking had no clear criteria for what they were looking for so many missed out marks by not including highly specific details [^&* flowcharts]. The exam was about a thousand times easier than what the course content implied it would be, covering maybe 20% of it. Studying was awful. Just awful, awful. Typical of biology department. BCHM was a dream compared to it, but worse exam imo. Only take this if it's a prereq for your major. That goes for most or all BIOL units as a good general rule.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016