Human Biology and Advanced Human Biology 4e

Dr Osu Lilje

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HD (92) BIOL1008/BIOL1908/BIOL1998 Summary Notes

HD (92) Summary Notes for Human Biology (Advanced) - completed Semester 1 2019 - all lectures - r...

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This unit of study will explore maintenance of health through nutritional balance, aerobic health, defence mechanisms and human diversity. You will learn key structural features from the subcellular level to the whole organ and body, and learn about essential functional pathways that determine how the body regulates its internal environment and responds to external stimuli and disease.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Great subject! Be aware it's extremely content heavy, but it's quite interesting and the pracs are really fun (much better than HSC bio pracs!). Recommend doing the advanced unit if you can, you get to do an individual report on a topic of your choosing (unlike the mainstream unit) but there's no extra (or harder) parts to the content. There was a section of coding but they introduced it gradually and did not expect insane coding skills. Highly recommend :))

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018