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BIOL1006 Life and Evolution - Complete Study Notes (HD)

Written by Jen

Comprehensive notes covering content from all 26 lectures, with additional notes from multiple sourc...

46 pages, 18032 words


Written by Natasha

Comprehensive lecture notes Lectures 2-24

67 pages, 12674 words

BIOL1006 Distinction (84) Notes

Written by Grace

These notes cover all the lectures: - Biodiversity - Darwinian Evolution - Evolution of Earth...

63 pages, 11242 words


Written by Maya

Comprehensive, detailed and concise lecture notes covering the following topics: - Biodiversity -...

23 pages, 4558 words

HD BIOL1006 "Cells and Molecules" section notes

Written by Rosie

HD level summary notes. - Organised by topic in the syllabus - Cells and Molecules - Colour code...

10 pages, 1810 words

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This unit is a definitely a bit of a handful! The content is really interesting and a bit dense at times. However despite this, the are plenty of opportunities to get easy marks!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

TL/DR; not too bad of a subject, if you're required to pick undergrad foundational science units and this is an option, pick it as it is easier than other things like BIOL1007. Gave it four starts mainly because of the people who run the course - very understanding and compassionate, really want to see you do well. However, the main issue I take is with the structure of the assessments. Practical work, which you will spend no less than 3 hours weekly in class doing and countless hours after that doing your logbook, is worth a measley 10%. After a while you stop putting in effort because you begin to realise that putting in hours upon hours for a few extra % isn't worth it and the time is better spent studying the content for the final exam. The content itself isn't too difficult to understand, as long as you stay on top of it. Overall, the subject isn't all that interesting, and was lowkey dissapointing in terms of the transferability of the knowledge to your later subjects. However, it is relatively easier than the other undergrad bio units so pick this one if it means you won't have to do BIOL1007. As always, there's absoloutely no point or advantage in doing the advanced stream, unless required to do so by your particular course so don't go to the extra effort. **If you're really gunning for the logbook marks, DO NOT LEAVE IT TILL LAST MINUTE. It takes literally forever to do the work which is why I complained about it's percentage, should be no less than 20% minimum. Best advice, do the prac work the same week you have the prac.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Really enjoyed this subject in my first semester at uni.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Although this course has been around a while, I felt disappointed with the standard. Do well in the pracs and ask plenty of qs and I think you should be alright. Also, study the textbook.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018