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(HD - 88) Detailed BCHM2071 Notes

Written by Katharine

Very detailed and well-organised notes for BCHM2071. Covers all topics extensively. Topics covere...

124 pages, 20135 words

BCHM2071/2971 Protein Biochemistry Study Notes

Written by Parice

A comprehensive, well-structured set of study notes covering all topics, lectures and labs presented...

31 pages, 14443 words


Written by Liam

High quality BCHM2071 notes covering every single lecture in detail. Notes are a combination of l...

71 pages, 19919 words


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I have completed Bachelor of Advanced Science, Honours Class 1 in chemistry and majors in biochemist...


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disorganised, poorly taught, strong emphasis on rote learning. labs are easy though.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017