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If it wasn't for the way this course was structured, I would have given this unit at least 3 stars purely for its cerebral subject matter. This is the only unit in my entire degree have I had the lecturer take attendance for lectures, and it is a lecture not a seminar. I would have had more patience with it if it was structured as a seminar. The content in itself was super interesting but if you're doing this to simply gain knowledge of Buddhism then I would caution against it. If you want to know more about Buddhism, source your materials. Go to the library. It's not worth affecting your grades over this. The lecturer poorly managed this unit with the 20% tutorial and LECTURE attendance. At the tutes, a lot of people commentated how they were afraid of voicing an opinion as he ( Chiew Hui) would giggle and laugh at their responses. Half of the time he was patronising, the other half not really attempting to unpack the content. None of the lectures helped much in any case. I stuck mostly to the primary and secondary readings.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019