Rabun Taylor, Katherine Wentworth Rinne, Spiro Kostof

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City of Rome? Golly gosh, that looks interesting. Let's learn all about the general day-to-day life of the city. Right? WRONG. LITERALLY THE CITY. AS IN THE BRICKS AND MORTAR OF THE BUILDINGS. To describe how annoyed I was with this unit, I'd have to drag your soul down to hell with me. Which, incidentally, was where this unit was held. Lost on campus? Simply summon Satan to show you the way! Now I'm sorry if this is your thing, if you enjoy changing landscapes and maps of buildings and figuring out which buildings were which. I DO NOT. I FEEL VERY DECEIVED. The lecturer however was SO GREAT. So nice and helpful - I had several meetings with her to help me wrap my head around the hernia-inducing content. She was really so lovely. The assessments were difficult - BOOK REVIEWS SUCK. But the final assessment allowed a lot of creative freedom. I basically wrote a short story and managed a high distinction. Alas, it did not salvage my average for the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014