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Hi, my name is Ed. I am currently researching a thesis for a Master of Philosophy in Ancient Histo...


Great lecturer, angel of a tutor, interesting content, but DEMON SPAWN FOR CLASSMATES. Had the WORST person in my tutorial and she was all "ummmmmmmm Dionysus replaced Hestia as the 12th Olympian?? soo... :):):)" to another girl, correcting her in front of the WHOLE LECTURE. oh excuse me, I wasn't aware that Zeus himself came down from Olympus and handed you the single only copy of the doctrine for Ancient Greek religion. let's just stop all the ancient scholars from their lil disputes because you know all the True Facts of Greek religion. Other than the Idiot Limp Pickle, the class was great. Again, shout out to my amazing tutor who actually was interested in our opinions. (Said that this is actually worth mentioning?? So many narcissistic tutors make me want to stick a pencil in my eye, am I right ladies?)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014