Greeks: History, Culture, Society cp

Morris & Powell

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Lysistrata and Other Plays


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Odyssey (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) The

Homer & Fagles Robert (Trans)

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On Sparta


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Ancient Greece

Dillon, Matthew

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Greeks: History, Culture, Society cp

Morris & Powell

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ANHS1600 Exam Prep

Written by Krisinda

Comprehensive summary notes on FIVE main areas studied within the course: -From Polis to Cosmopolis...

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Hi, my name is Ed. I currently study a Master of Philosophy in Ancient History at Sydney Universit...


IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEMATIC CONSISTENCY, RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION OF THIS UNIT. omggggggggggg Okay there was one particular guest lecturer was BRILLIANT but used zero slides, so beware. The main lecturer was a bit eh but on the plus side I am nailing my Italian accent thanks to listening to her two hours a week, so shout out to her Managed a distinction so I'm feelin pretty generous even though my tutor was THE WORST PERSON in the world - only mentioned her impending trip to Cambridge 32087529085 times - who felt the need to roll her eyes at every person's contribution and then scold us like kindergarteners for not participating in discussions. This unit was a big shrug for me. Necessary to continue onto second year ancient history units though.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014