Full PSYC2020 Notes

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All the notes needed for the PSYC2020 quizzes, covering all the lectures and including all the studi...

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PSYC2020 Notes

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These notes have all the content required for the 3 in class quizzes (excluding tutorial material, a...

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PSYC2020 weeks 1-12

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Overall, I found this course good. I adore anatomy and was therefore extremely pleased by how much was in this course. For those who struggle, I suggest flashcards (Quizlet is a great app) because mostly it's just about testing yourself over and over again until it's memorised. I didn't really feel like this course actually required a very deep understanding of neuropsychology, as the quizzes focused more on memory (again, test yourself so you memorise the stuff!) rather than application of theory. Although I found the assignments to be initially quite tricky, there was a lot of tutor support to help you really understand the concepts and with enough working through ideas in tutorials, the assignments became quite clear. I think they were worthwhile, as they encouraged us to think methodically and explain ourselves clearly and succinctly in very plain language, which is an aspect of psychological writing that many aren't used to doing and need to learn.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This course was very heavy on biology and neuroanatomy. I was disappointed by the lack of relation to psychological theories and the practical applications of neuroscience in psychology, I would have liked more of that and less anatomy. If you really enjoy biology and how the human brain functions you will enjoy this course. If, like me, you don't you may struggle. I highly recommend keeping up to date with the lecture and tutorial content.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

This was a very interesting course, and the assignments were quite enjoyable. This is more so an introductory course to neuropsychology, and the content builds a strong foundation in the area. I enjoyed this course so much, it pushed me to do neuropsychology-related electives in my Honours year. The assignments, although stressful (like any other), were fun to do. The title of the course is scary, but it's a real treat!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013

I enjoyed this course. Yes the lecture content was heavy but it was very interesting. The assessment was manageable however the second lab report was unrealistic in that we were expected to produce a great deal of content in a mere 1500 words. Also not sure I agree with our tutor not wearing shoes during tutorials and yelling at students when he thought they weren't paying attention. Tutor consults are also a bit of a waste of time. Tutor wouldn't even look at my paper or provide guidance re answering a tricky question. Formal advice re production of lab reports was out of step with current APA standards which is baffling. Marking of papers seemed overly subjective also. My advice would be to avoid Regan as a Tutor and look out for Sam who is excellent in all respects!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

By just turning up to lectures and tutorials, you are most likely to get a passing grade. A bit of hard work and studying for this subjects can get you a long way. Interesting theories though.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

As one person has said before if you have done biological courses or subjects in uni or high school before this will be so much more easier to you than if all of the content is completely brand new to you. I like having the in class exams as imagining a huge end of semester exam where you have to remember all of the content is a nightmare. The assignments are pretty easy to do well in too, they are nothing out of the ordinary. There is a lot of content to remember as they expect you to know the lecture and tutorial pracs so I suggest you focus on this and get as much as help possible from your tutor and study with your friends if you have no experience in bio otherwise it might overwhelm you

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

My favourite subject at UQ. Such a great course, you'll never get bored in the lectures. I found the extra material in the tutorials to be quite tough though (would have rather kept lectures as new material as tutorials to go over material). I loved the fact the exams were split up so there wasn't one huge one at the end!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Fantastic course, very in-depth and complex at times. I did this course along with other 2nd yr psych courses and found the detail of really added to my understanding of the material covered in the other courses. Ada was a fantastic lecturer who made an effort to explain things simply and clearly, however Hayley whizzed through content way too fast - very hard to keep up.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Content was mostly interesting but lecture material could be very dry and difficult to digest. There was a large amount of content in each lecture and you were expected to remember a lot (including separate content from tutorials) for each assessment piece. Reports were not too bad, and it was nice not having a final exam. Each quiz only focuses on four weeks of content, so if you keep on top of it each week then it should be quite straight forward to pass the quizzes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Stay on top of the material. The second set of 4 lectures do not link nicely together and are therefore very hard to encode in memory. If you keep on top of it though, you should be fine. I personally loved this course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015