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PHRM4031 Summary Notes

Written by Tiffany

This contains summaries of all the business lectures and drew important information from the supplem...

43 pages, 9700 words


Written by Brenda

Topics include: Business Strategy Financial Management Marketing Management Inventory Manageme...

29 pages, 18205 words

Business Notes

Written by Sim

Great for pharmacy students who need more time to chill. Comprehensive, summarized worksheets + answ...

24 pages, 3678 words


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This was a very good course that introduces the business side of retail pharmacy. The business lectures were alright and for some reason we had a multidisciplinary team lecture stream that didn't quite relate to business? The tutorials were great though as each tutorial was interactive and helped with the group assignments. This was also one of the only subjects where they went through the answers to the sample exam in the revision tutorial. I didn't quite like the group assignments though as the course coordinator expected such a high standard (we had no prior knowledge as pharmacy students) and marked harshly. Overall, it made me appreciate and understand all the behind-the-scene knowledge regarding the business of pharmacy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017