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PHRM4011 Summary Compilation

Written by Tiffany

In this compilation, I included three important summary documents: 1. Potential Drug Related Proble...

27 pages, 6035 words

PHRM4011 Minor Ailments Notes

Written by Areeba

These are notes on minor ailments that will be assessed on both the midsemester and end-of-semester...

13 pages, 3040 words


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One of the most enjoyable subjects in 4th year pharmacy because it ties in everything you've learnt in the degree together. The course was set up and run smoothly. Many people enjoyed the tutorials as they go through integrated cases but many thought it was challenging due to grey, complicated scenarios. You get plenty of practice throughout the semester to answer the SAQ in the final written exam. Overall, this subject had one of the highest workload you will experience in pharmacy degree, because of the sheer volume of things to memorise. You need to know the protocols for different medical conditions (eg. which classes of medicines are used for heart failure) and doses of medications AND dosage adjustments for medicines in RENAL FAILURE. We essentially had to go through lectures from previous years and compile information from a number of places for the medication reviews. It was an insane subject but would no doubt be helpful for pharmacist working life.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017