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PHRM3011 Oral Exam Notes & Guide: GPA 7

These are the notes/guide for the oral exam. I achieved a 7 (88%) for the oral exam. It is a guide f...

15 pages, 6306 words

PHRM3011 Written Exam Notes: GPA 7 (Overall 90%)

These are the notes I compiled for my study for the final exam. With these notes, I achieved a 7 for...

88 pages, 26713 words

PHRM3011 Oral Exam Study Notes

Scored 98% on the oral exam using these notes alone. Notes contain all information to do well on the...

29 pages, 11904 words


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This subject's workload is huge! There are so many assessments, placements, quizzes to worry about and the oral exam is very different from past oral exams - you have to call a doctor to discuss an issue with the script (first time ever) - every past oral exam there was just a product or symptom request with no issues.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016