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PHRM2040 Exam Notes: GPA 7 (Overall 98%) & 100% for Final Exam

These are the notes I compiled for my study for the mid semester and the final exam. With these note...

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This was an interesting subject. As this was only a one-unit subject, there were fewer lectures and we could go home early most weeks. The content was really interesting and involved looking at drug structures and integrated content from BIOM2009, PHRM2011 and PHRM2021 which was great for consolidation. The mid-sem was a BB quiz which was stupid because majority of the questions weren't relevant to what we learnt up to there. However, there were unlimited attempts for the practice which was good. The final exam consisted of content throughout the semester and also two RANDOM journal articles which you had to read (mind you there was 50pages to read) and was tested on the final exam..however you really didn't know what part of the journal articles were tested...Overall, it was quite interesting, just a few things let the subject down.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015