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PHRM2012 Exam Notes: GPA 7 (All Topics)

These are the notes I compiled for my study for the final exam. With these notes, I achieved a 7 for...

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PHRM2012 Oral Exam Notes

Oral Exam Notes for studying and referencing Scored 100% on the oral exam from studying from just t...

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This subject was content heavy with compulsory tutorials (which were very beneficial - we even got to play with insulin pens and use blood sugar level testing strips), weekly placements for five weeks and many assessments. The dispensing exam was relatively easy, but you can fail by overlooking one minor detail so please pay attention! Also, you get multiple attempts but every time you fail you lose 2%. The oral exams from now onwards will be on prescription items (OTCs are done and dusted!) and there were so much to remember for each prescription item! Make sure you keep up with the lectures as you'll definitely feel stressed come exam time. The final written exam was by far the hardest out of the five subjects this semester and the course coordinator (although she did try her best to make this subject good) was not very liked by the cohort. The content itself was interesting but a bit difficult as it deals with psychological disorders like depression, bipolar, etc which I found pretty unusual as I thought we would learn cardiovascular and antibiotics before this. Nevertheless, antidepressants are getting more commonplace in pharmacy. Additionally, this subject deals with big, important scenarios where counselling in imperative; such as the contraceptive pill and diabetes medication. Overall, this subject is huge, has many assessments and is difficult. It just won't be as large of a jump from PHRM1012 to PHRM2011.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015