The Media and Communications in Australia

Stuart Cunningham, Sue Turnbull

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My tutor is fantastic. This tutor clearly loves film and they bring that across in the tutorials. I have two concerns. One is that students keep missing tutes. I don't understand why you'd firstly miss what is clearly the easiest mark in the course, you just have to turn up! Secondly, in all the Leading Class Discussions, students are sitting there like goldfish, waiting for someone else to answer. Why? MSTU1000 is the first step in studying Film & Television and other media. You're losing marks by sitting there silently, not participating. The other reason I took off two stars was the lack of professionalism evident in the Blackboard site for the course. It comes across as lazy and sometimes confusing. Also the lecturer's insistence in the initial lecture that lectures wouldn't be recorded is patently false and quite insulting to those students who may miss a lecture or two due to medical reasons or perhaps even disabilities. I'm personally glad that lecturers cannot opt out of having their lectures recorded. There is nothing exclusive about lectures, although I attend them all. A little humility would not go astray here.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016