Human Resource Management

Charmine E. J. Härtel, Yuka Fujimoto

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Employment Relations

Mark Bray, Rae Cooper, Peter Arnold Waring, Johanna Macneil

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MGTS2604 Course Summary Notes

Written by Lino

The notes cover all the core concepts necessary for the final exam. All lectures are summarised into...

45 pages, 10535 words

complete notes for a 7 in final exam

Written by Katie

Didn't go to lectures at all? Trying to catch up on all 13 weeks of content in stowvac? Don't stress...

49 pages, 10107 words

Well-organised & everything you need for exam

Written by Zoey

All examinable contents are included in this notes. Keywords and definitions are highlighted for stu...

86 pages, 12520 words

MGTS2604 Comprehensive Final Exam Guide

Written by Tom

This document gives the fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed in this subject and provides all...

31 pages, 7988 words


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The weekly tutorial assignments are really helpful for study and great for easy marks. So do those and go to the tutorials! Also, be prepared to study loads come exam time for all the different topics.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015