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LAWS3101 Notes Topics 1-9 (everything)

Written by Amy

Notes for the whole LAWS3101 course. Get it cheaper here instead of buying it separately! Topics...

40 pages, 17281 words

LAWS3101 Final Notes Topics 5-9

Written by Amy

LAWS3101 Tax Law Final Exam Notes: - Topics 5-9 inclusive > Topic 5: Trading Stock > Topic 6: C...

14 pages, 6942 words

LAWS3101 Mid-Semester Notes

Written by Amy

Mid-Semester notes for topics 1-4, taxation law 2019. Covered topics: - Topic 1: The taxation syst...

26 pages, 10442 words

LAWS3101 Case Law Topic 1-9 (ALL)

Written by Amy

Case Law for the whole LAWS3101, summarised in one document. Good to add-on if you have your own LAW...

11 pages, 5289 words

LAWS3101 Final Exam Notes

Written by Christy

The scenario analyzed helps to answer most of the popular exam-style questions. All the laws and tes...

51 pages, 16576 words

LAWS3101 notes for Midsemester and Final Exam

Written by Erin

Complete course notes gathered from lectures, tutorials, study notes, textbook and other course read...

37 pages, 10228 words

Final Exam Notes (High Distinction)

Written by Sarah

- Table of Contents (great for exam) - Covers all topics - Incorporates Lecture Notes, Readings,...

89 pages, 43370 words

Laws3101 Study Notes (Take these into the exam)

Written by Johann

These notes will be all you require to do exceptionally well on the exam. I used these notes, with l...

60 pages, 16757 words

Mid Semester Exam Notes (High Distinction)

Written by Sarah

- Table of Contents (great for exam) - Covers all topics up until Lecture 5 - Content from Lectur...

55 pages, 27662 words

Final Exam Notes (Topics 4 - 9)

Written by Jeremy

Topic 5 - Trading Stock Topic 4 - Deductions II Topic 6 - Capital Gains Tax Topic 7 - Goods and S...

23 pages, 7570 words


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