Administrative Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Tristan

Includes: - procedural unfairness; - bias; - ultra vires; - errors of law; - procedural matte...

35 pages, 11459 words

LAWS2115 Administrative Law Exam Notes

Written by Celestine

This set of notes is a comprehensive summary of lecture content, tutorials, slides, legislation and...

14 pages, 12919 words

Administrative Law Review

Written by Samantha

University of Queensland LAWS2115 Notes: Well-structured exam notes compiled from lecture notes, tu...

34 pages, 11164 words


$60 per hour

PhD student Medico Law LLB/LP (hons) I am an APD Dietitian registered with DAA. I have Masters of...


$40 per hour

I am an undergraduate law student at the University of Queensland. My GPA is 6.53 and I have receiv...