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Contracts B Answering Guide

Covers all topics assessed in the final exam, including: - Frustration & the consequences of frustr...

16 pages, 5555 words

LAWS2112 Lecture Notes

Summary of the lecture slides, in addition with case readings, additional information only provided...

103 pages, 31327 words

LAWS2112 closed book exam notes

Notes contain detail on agreement, performance, breach, common law damages, equitable damages, vitia...

55 pages, 21880 words


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The content in contract law is delivered very quickly. However, often the cases are interesting. Both lecturers are very engaging and happy to assist you if you are struggling. The recommended text for Contract B is dense, but don't be overwhelmed. Remember it is merely a supplement to your learning from tutorials and lectures. Tutorials were especially useful - and an easy 10 marks if you attend! Remember to keep an eye out for past exam feedback - check your UQ cohort's Facebook page, or ask friends from previous years!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015