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Not sure what the other anonymous reviewer was smoking when they wrote the review, but: 1) Dr Kennett doesn't even teach JAPN3102; and 2) Dr Kennett's Japanese proficiency is excellent. Dr Kennett, in the courses she actually DOES teach, tailors the level of Japanese she uses so that it matches the level of the average student's comprehension ability in that course. If you found what she was saying too easy, you would find yourself in too easy level of a course. Regarding this course, however..... JAPN3102 has undergone a few significant changes since I took it, most notably, new teaching staff and a different textbook; however, the assessment program is very much the same so what I can tell you is be prepared to be memorising a bunch of Kanji and Vocab for the fortnightly Kanji/Vocab tests (which you will then promptly forget to make room for the next batch) The course, overall, will cover some fairly useful expressions that are very useful in written Japanese. Students may sometimes complain of the lack of speaking focus in this course (for that, take JAPN3110 - Talking Japan concurrently with either JAPN3101 or JAPN3102 - depending on the semester offerings that year)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2010

'Dr' Belinda Kennet's Japanese proficiency leaves much to be desired...

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013