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Its bad. Lecturer goes WAYYYYY too fast. Lecture content has Soooo much information your expected to remember for final exam its ridiculous. Also finding actually useful information from the lectures to use then in the tutes or exam is basically buried under mountains of slides. Tutors are reasonably good. though they give the answers and ask for input more than showing *this is how I would approach this problem. Especially in the tutes every question is answered by a tutor with the equation to use already prepared. I'd like to see you solve a problem if you didn't have that equation right next to you at all times (like for our *exams*). Skip this course if you have the option. If you don't then goodluck, because you won't carry anything from this (besides the assignment's SQL) with you once the exam is done. The only reason i gave this a '2' and not a '1' is because of the in-depth SQL of the assignment making me use tools I never had before. But guess what... these tools aren't *taught* to you... no, no. That would be a logical thing to do by a competant teacher, instead your forced to google search things you don't even know exist to search for. GoodLuck!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020