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Lecturer and tutors are asian with broken Engrish. If you like tutors that cant explain, never have the time to adequately help you, and the course content misses so much stuff skip this course. The first assignment asks for things that would logically come after the tutorials by which i mean its this: heres a tutorial, heres the assignment, the tutorials for this assignment stop just shy of when they should to be able to answer the assignment. The course ATTEMPTS to show you how to setup an AZURE online server environment storage but completely sucks at it. Things are skipped over so much I had to help on Piazza so many other students because the tutors couldn't understand what was happening. The lecture kept saying "please be careful about giving away too much information" BRO! i'm doing YOUR job, ive setting up the damn thing! The students have to furiously help each other because everything and i do mean everything in this course absolutely sucks.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020