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The Black Death

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Don't do this subject. Dolly was boring and content was so dull. The lectures were sometimes only twenty minutes and assignments were very unclear. Even the tutors were confused with the assignments and the course as a whole. Extensions were not given when they would normally be in any other course and one person in my tutorial was not allowed one after her family member died. For a course called the "Medieval and Early Modern World" it is interesting that we only studied a microhistory of two towns in two different years. It was only about plague. The readings were just two boring books about the towns and were a mix of records and fiction. The tutors were great however (I had Lucia). She helped us get through this mess of a course, was very friendly and tried to explain assignments in a way that we could vaguely understand. She made the tutorials fun and colourful in a course that was utterly grey.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

An enlightening course that focuses on the medieval world and how the plague affected medieval society. Although I learned plenty of things in this course and the assessment itself is pretty straight forward, be prepared for learning everything through the lens of the plague.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018