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Summary for mid-term exam

Written by Shelley

Here is my personal summary for mid-term exam, including: - Lecture 1: Behavioral Finance a d Techn...

15 pages, 3243 words

FINM3402 Final Exam Summaries (1-12)

Written by Sophie

Full, comprehensive lecture summaries of semester, lectures 1-11 (week 12 was a review lecture)

44 pages, 8607 words

FINM3402 Notes (Lectures 1-12)

Written by Tamhy

FINM3402 Notes relevant for mid semester and final exam. Includes all lecture notes and relevant te...

91 pages, 25504 words

FINM3402 Semester Notes

Written by Pomaa

Covers every topic in the FINM3402 course with detailed explanations of complex material.

42 pages, 11013 words

FINM3402 Investments and Portfolio Management Final Summary Notes

Written by Georgia

Detailed and logical summary of lecture 5-10 of FINM3402, typically featured on the final exam. Note...

23 pages, 6067 words

Full Course Notes

Written by Kim

FINM3402 notes compiled from the prescribed textbook and lectures.

25 pages, 9980 words


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Do well in the mid-semester as it is easier than the assignment and the exam to set yourself up well. Throughout the course the theory is just as important practical calculations.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

The best way to do well in this course is to ace the Mid-Sem; after that, the course becomes quite difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014