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This course is very hard to review in my opinion. Firstly the content itself is very well-structured as it takes you first threw the beginnings of HTML, then CSS, then both before finally adding in JavaScript. I would say theres a few floors in the information here. 1)firstly, the tutes can sometimes (particularly near the end with JS) become a bit clueless as to how to do them, and you can wait for a tutor's help but you feel like you're waiting the same as everyone else for the exact same thing. therefore the tute matieral content should be better explained on the pages so students stand a better chance at following along themselves. 2) Secondly, it would maybe be better if in the tutes rather than doing select tasks in the same prebuilt website that evolves over each week that instead the whole website is designed from scratch by the user over the weeks. I felt my CSS abilities were poor in doing the assignment. 3) Thirdly, with the JS i felt there were things that i wasn't prepared in finding the answer myself. for example in having a login name appear on multiple pages on my website, this wasn't taught in the tutes and finding the answer online proved difficult. so other than finding only those things that exist on w3schools (and luckily there's a lot) it would be good to fully understand how to use JS and more specifically how to use it across multiple HTML webpages. So finally know that this course is great at personalized website creation and design and I know definitely now know HTML, CSS and JS with some minor kinks

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020