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BISM2202 Midsem Notes

Written by Maxine

part of the first topic is featured in the sample notes. all topics examinable on the midsem are inc...

27 pages, 4503 words

BISM2202 Final Exam Notes

Written by Maxine

i have included part of the BPM topic in the sample. all topics assessable in the final are covered...

24 pages, 3550 words

BISM2202 Last minute study notes

Written by Erin

Compilation of diagrams and notes the lecturer mentioned might be on the final exam

34 pages, 1840 words

BISM2202 Midsem and Final exam notes

Written by Erin

All topics excluding guest lectures and lecture 12 (not examinable) Notes derived from lectures, tu...

43 pages, 7025 words

BISM2202 Midsemester exam notes

Written by Erin

Notes for topics 1-5 excluding guest lecture (not examinable) Notes are derived from lectures, tuto...

23 pages, 4109 words


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