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I absolutely agree with everything the previous reviewer has said, even though I obviously had a different lecturer/tutor. I would just add that my recommendation would be to focus on the assessment tasks from the start; there are only two of them and whilst the lecture material is nice to know, half of it didn't end up forming part of the assessment, because we had to choose a topic for Assessment 2. The expectations for this subject were overtly very low, which as the previous reviewer has pointed out makes the unit quite easy.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

I did this as a Winter Term unit. It was not engaging or very well organised. I feel as though the lecturer and tutor did not have a deep understanding of the content covered in this unit. The lecturer didn't go in to enough detail other than reading off the slides (and mispronounced every second word *cringe*). The tutor treated us like primary-school children and would go off-track quite a bit, talking to us constantly about her own success and practice as a dietitian. There were too many pointless and annoying group activities which were not conducive to learning the content. On the plus side, this was the easiest unit I've done at uni so far, and I cannot believe it's supposed to be 3rd year level.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017