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Systemic Anatomy & Physiology Unit Notes

This document includes notes taken from all lectures from all weeks of the Sumemr Term unit 2020/21....

32 pages, 7419 words

Systemic Anatomy and Physiology Notes part 1

Notes from all lectures and labs regarding things such as all body systems (endocrine, reproductive,...

100 pages, 10000 words

Systemic Anatomy and Physiology Notes part 2

Notes from every Practical, Lecture and online self directed tutorial ranging from all human body sy...

86 pages, 18000 words


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Interesting & engaging content. All the lecturers/tutors were motivated and helpful, but you definitely need to do your part and keep up with the content every week by watching the lectures and attending the lab sessions. There is a lot of content and assessment in this unit and it moves fast, but all of it is objective: basically, it's memorising the names of organ parts (anatomy) and what they do (physiology), from a whole-of-system level right down to a microscopic level. It seems to be based on the text book, but the lectures/assessment pick out the key parts, so you don't need to know every bit of detail in the text book. I don't think the text book is required, but I found it helpful. The main topics are: endocrine system, cardiovascular system (blood; heart; blood vessels); respiratory system; digestive/gastrointestinal system; renal / urinary system; reproductive system. It also briefly touches on the integumentary system (skin); homeostasis; cells; and epithelial cells. If you have time before start of semester, I would recommend familiarising yourself with Chapter 3 (The Cellular Level of Organisation), as this topic is part of Week 1 content which we had to self-learn, and underpins some later content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020