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This class sucks. It’s considered common amongst students for people to not pass this unit on the first go. So much content crammed into the exams. Exams make up the majority of your grade, so if you do poorly on one it’ll tank your whole grade. If you have the slightest spelling mistake, the tutor will mark it wrong or only give partial credit. This will cause you to fail by a point or two, in which zero sympathy or understanding will be given. I’ve known people to fail by half a point and be forced to retake the class. The lectures are just regurgitating slide/notes and don’t actually help you learn or retain information. The exams are run in a way that you worry more about the time you have per question rather than the actual question. You’ll do this thing where you’ll be sat in front of a diagram, given two minutes to answer the question associated with it and then move to the right and repeat. It’s ridiculous and I pity anyone who has to take this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021