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Hi, I'm Ivan and I'm a graduate of the Bachelor of Science - Advanced Research (Honours) degree, with majors in physics and mathematics, and Honours in theoretical particle physics, where I conducted original research in the frontier field of quantum chromodynamics (the theory of quarks and gluons). In short, you can be assured that I am an expert on many fundamental topics which you are learning in your classes, and I have a great passion for helping anyone who wants to learn.

Officially I am employed by Monash University as a TA in the School of Physics and Astronomy, where I teach first year labs and workshops, as well as doing TAPAS tutoring (which is in-person assistance to students studying the first year physics lounge). I am also a tutor for the Monash IAEP program, and asides from that, I have been tutoring privately for a number of years and have had many successful VCE and uni students, with student reviews available below.

My teaching style is highly oriented towards solving problems, because when it comes to physics and maths, the only way you can learn is by doing. But a solid understanding comes as a byproduct of doing the right problems, the right order, the right ways, and my focus is on showing you what these 'right ways' are. This consists a lot in my ability to intuit what your confusions are, and to build up your understanding in a strategic way.

Under lockdown, I do my tutoring on Zoom, where I screenshare my iPad. In person, my preference is usually to sit and work with pen and paper, or a whiteboard, in discussing important problems and questions you may have, and the screenshare method works the same way, losing only 10% of the face-to-face value, which isn't at all a bad ratio.

So, if you are looking for a passionate tutor and successful student who cares about helping you achieve your best, look no further.




I do not even know where to start with how incredible Ivan is as a tutor. Not only has he helped to improve my results in both mathematics and physics, he has helped to improve my mindset both for university and everyday life. He strives to support those he tutors by ensuring they can complete any problem with 100% confidence of obtaining the correct answer.

What separates Ivan from other tutors, is the patience he possesses to help you understand the trickiest of questions. He is always considerate of the fact that you might not get it the first time and is willing to go through the same content repeatedly until it is clear and concise. I am ever thankful for the help he has provided me.

Oscar, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019


Ivan is so awesome. Besides providing help with questions, he has a deep understanding and clear structure with the content knowledge. He can link up different pieces of knowledge and draw the whole picture. And his teaching method is very inspiring, along with many extended practices. When I was struggling with third year physics, he not only helped me solve my physics problems, but also helped me established a deeper understanding to the whole subject. I will be so happy and lucky to have him in my further physics study.

Claire, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Ivan is a very good tutor who helps me build the physics content gradually. Firstly, he is very professional, he has a lot of expertise, nothing in physics seems to trip him up. Secondly, Ivan is very kind and patient, sometimes I have a hard time to understand some physics content, he will explain the detail to me again and again. The most important thing is, I only got a pass in 1st year physics, and I got a Credit in 2nd year after I met Ivan, Ivan made me like physics again.

Miichael, StudentVIP member
since April, 2018