I'm a Monash student studying Business.


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I completed a Master degree in Applied Econometrics and doing PhD in Econometrics at the moment. I was majored in Financial Management and Marketing when I was doing undergraduate studies so I can tutor any subjects that are related to Finance, Mathematics, Economics and especially, Econometrics.

I was awarded the Dean's Commendation Award consecutively during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Also, I've got HDs for almost every unit that I've taken in the both courses so I am confident that I have a concrete base of knowledge in this field and I can help students by guiding them to use the appropriate studying methods and gradually becoming an independent learners.

I've accumulated plenty of experience in tutoring jobs since I have been a private tutor for 7 years and a teaching associate at Monash.

I am confident that if the students follow my instructions closely and complete any task that I requested, at least a Distinction is guaranteed.


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Abby tutored me for about 2 hours a few days before my Basic Econometrics final exam which i was super unprepared for and i ended up getting a HD. I would recommend her to everyone because she really knows her stuff and was able to answer all my questions. She is very patient and would repeatedly go through the theories and concepts that i didn't understand. She even gave me tips on how to make sense of the concepts which allowed me to remember them better.

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since June, 2018