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Do you have to take a course in maths/physics, but you feel you're just not "cut out for it"? The course notes are a drag to get through... the lectures don't make any sense... ... and the tutors always rush into explaining things without understanding your real questions? If that sounds familiar, I have some important information for you. I'm Wan, a grad student in theoretical physics. Other than having worked in various Group of Eight universities and residential colleges, I also taught some of the best, most elite students all over Australia and the UK, including the Lord Mayor's child in Brisbane. And I want to tell you about the counter-intuitive method I use that turns even the most "hopeless" failing students into D/HD students in as little as 7 hours of teaching, or less, guaranteed. You see, you're struggling not because you're not smart enough, or you're not working hard enough. The one-size-fits-all university model just doesn't work. Think about it, when was the last time somebody from uni actually took the time to understand your unique situations and your real struggles? And if they can't meet you where you are, it's no wonder you struggle learning from them! So years ago, me and some close friends decided to flip the traditional education model upside down and find an easier and better way... Where the teacher does not “teach”, but "shuts up and listens", and convey knowledge by asking questions. We knew we were onto something, when we saw how much it changed our students... Charlotte K., a 1st-year student in biomed, went from failing her mid-term to getting an HD in 5 hours of tutoring, spread across 1.5 weeks. More importantly she went from a ball of anxiety when I first met her, to someone who's confident. She discovered that life is easy. Julie F, a biology/ecology student, skipped all lectures and learnt her maths course in 15 hours entirely from me, freeing her up to do things she enjoyed without feeling guilty. She's now part of a young and dynamic tech startup, experiencing a life she'd be too intimidated to pursue before. Ben D., bought me several coffees and lunches to learn the secret of how I became "good enough" to get a Cambridge offer. He easily succeeded with this knowledge. And now with his prestigious degree, all doors opened up to him! So whether you're sick of wasting your youth doing things that make you feel stressed and depressed, or if you want to future-proof yourself by getting a higher GPA, or landing that competitive scholarship that leads to new experiences, more options and more job security... Since the method helped all those students just like you achieve their goal, there's no reason it can't help you too. I offer in-person 1-1 tutoring at $85/hour. Or you can have an "Unfailable Guarantee at" $450. It's an insurance against fail, in the sense you get unlimited hours of personal tutoring and endless text support. That means I make your success my responsibility, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure you pass. If it seems expensive, it’s because I’m only one person with dwindling availability. But if you feel financially stressed, keep investing in your education is the answer! Remember "Poor people have big TV's, rich people have big libraries." P.S. when I said you’re “Guaranteed”, I meant that if at the end of the first session, you feel I've wasted your time, you can have your full money back ($85 or $450). Also, if you showed up fully present (phone's off!) to 7 lessons with me, and you still somehow failed your course... I've clearly failed you and I'll hand you your money back ($450 or $85*7=$595). I guarantee it partly because I'm confident in the method... But also because I select my students with some care. If I don't feel like I can help you achieve your goal (which rarely happens), again you get a full refund. All this means all you had to do is say "maybe" to getting help and you can see fast improvements, so please reach out now before my availability shrinks even more as the exam season comes along.