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Justin PhD
Official RMIT teaching staff member offering support for Python, R, Data Science and Machine Learning courses. PhD-level data scientist and a tutor for over 4 years winning two teaching awards with RMITO. Part of the School of Mathematical Sciences teaching team at RMIT, tutoring students for Applied Analytics (MATH1324) and Data Visualisation & Communication (MATH2270/MATH2237). I also work as an online facilitator and a subject matter expert for RMITO courses including: - Applied Analytics (MATH2406) - helped build this course - Data Visualisation & Communication (MATH2404) - Practical Data Science with Python (COSC2791). Beyond my teaching work for RMIT and RMITO, I have also taught at University of Adelaide (UoA) and Bath University, and course authored for Oxford University. I have the most experience with the aforementioned RMIT courses and any courses within the Master of Applied Data Science program at UoA, but also am able to support students doing any python, data science or machine learning courses at any Australian universities. Get in touch with me today to learn more! For RMIT students, feel free to email directly by looking me up in the RMIT directory. Here are some student testimonials from courses I have previously taught: - Justin is by far the best tutor I've ever had. His materials are very well prepared and it's clear that it takes a lot of effort to put them together. His feedback is timely, encouraging and very valuable. He's able to explain complex concepts in a very simple way. I've had the pleasure to have him as my tutor this course. - Excellent at presenting the pitfalls in each topic. Helps avoid making many of the smaller programming errors that can hold you up for ages. Very approachable. Very accessible for advice and give great constructive direction where to find a solution to problems.




Reliable, steady, knowledgeable, can go to any depth. One of the reasons I kept on. I am glad I had him.

Paula, StudentVIP member
since February, 2024

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