Hi, I'm Trisztan!

I'm a UQ student studying Science.


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I am a third year Maths and Physics student doing a dual degree in Maths and Science with 2 years of professional tutoring experience at my old high school (QASMT). I've also done some private tutoring in PHYS2041 (quantum mechanics) and PHYS3040 (quantum II) and have a 7.0 GPA, having taken all the advanced courses where applicable (including MATH1071 and MATH2401). When tutoring, I tailor my tutoring style to what the student prefers; I have notes available for all the maths courses I tutor (and some physics ones) and can provide challenge questions for those who want to extend themselves. Furthermore, I still have all of my tutorial sheet and assignment solutions from when I took the courses, and so have readily available worked solutions for almost all questions asked during the current course. I prefer tutoring either on campus or online, although I am also happy to go elsewhere depending on location and travel time. If you'd like a group tutorial (3+ inclusive), let me know and we can negotiate on rates.


English, Hungarian