Hi, I'm Swaroop!

I'm a Monash student studying Science.


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Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.), I am intimately familiar with the rigorous nature of psychology studies in Australian institutions. My goal is to extend a helping hand to students navigating this challenging field. My expertise is not limited to demystifying complex data analysis concepts; I am also proficient in assisting with assignment writing and offering support during the high-pressure exam periods.

My teaching approach is centered around active recall and spaced repetition, both of which are scientifically-backed studying techniques known for their effectiveness. I am more than willing to share my personal notes, as well as various tips and tricks that I’ve found helpful in making the learning process not just manageable, but enjoyable. I am confident in my ability to teach a broad range of psychology-related topics and am always up for the challenge of tackling new and complex material.

For your convenience, I offer both online sessions and the option to meet at university libraries. To give you a taste of my teaching style and approach, I offer a trial session at a reduced rate of $20. Following this initial session, if we find that we work well together, subsequent sessions will be priced at $25 each.

Embark on your psychology learning journey with confidence, knowing that you have a recent graduate and fellow student ready to assist and guide you every step of the way!