Hi, I'm Ira!

I'm a Monash student studying Business.


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Hey! My name Is Ira. I am a graduate of Monash University, I took a Bachelor of Business and majored in Human Resource Management and minored in Philosophy. Additionally, I plan to take Monash's management honours program next year. I started to do well particularly after the first half of my second year since I pulled my boots' straps then (which means that there are certain units I have a better understanding of than others). I believe this is because I spent a lot of time understanding and developing the skills I needed to excel academically. So, I am quite comfortable with my ability to tutor for some of the units under the aforementioned disciplines. I haven't had much experience tutoring, but I do not think that would not be much of an issue. I often took leadership roles during group assignments and I have a letter of recommendation from one of my lecturers saying that during the times I took that role (in their class), I executed it effectively. This demonstrates my ability to instruct and manage relationships in a more professional setting. On top of this, I have a laid-back, friendly, and patient personality. Due to my experience, I can help as a tutor by teaching my students the fundamental skills needed to do well academically, supporting them as they learn those skills, and helping them understand how to fill the gaps in their knowledge about the relevant topics. I can provide these services either in person (i.e., CBD and Monash Caulfield campus) or online. P.S. I have received mostly HDs for the subjects that are listed.