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Hi there! I am Rajvin! I am a certified Chartered Accountant by the Australian CA and have been attached to the Big 4 in the audit department since 2017. I have been a tutor for over 3 years now for all subjects relating to Accounting & Finance. I found my passion when my job required me to advice and carry out crash courses to our audit clients to understand the new and developing accounting standards and how do they apply it to their business. Here's some of the things I'm able to offer: - Review and proofreading of written assignments and theses; - One on one tutoring sessions; - Time management & balance (where to get the most value for your time and money) If I sound like the kind of tutor who can help you achieve your academic goals then give me a shout! I look forward to working with you to get the best possible grades!




I hired Rajvin to help me with a really hard unit ACF3100 which i wasn't getting enough guidance on in uni and had failed before. He's super knowledge and allowed me to go from "i don't know how I'm gonna pass this exam" to "I should do well on this exam if I practice what Rajvin has taught me" across about 11 hours of total lessons. Super knowledgeable and I asked a lot of questions about the real world in which he was able to answer because of his experience in the industry.

Sean, StudentVIP member
since August, 2020


Rajvin has been tutoring me for financial accounting over the last one month. He is responsive, modest and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a financial accounting tutor.

Dinesh, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021

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