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▪Free trial session available. ▪Qualifications: Master’s in Pure Mathematics; over 8 years of tutoring experience, including 4 years as an official University of Melbourne tutor, published pure mathematics research ▪Experience: Tutored over 30 separate university maths subjects. ▪Official tutor experienced in marking assignments and exams ▪Booking: Easy online scheduling. ▪Over the last year I have developed a totally new system of note-taking and tutoring that makes my tutoring extremely efficient Contact me for rates and information, or book directly at calendly[dot]com/realmathstutoring. == About Me: == As a dedicated full-time tutor with a Master’s and honours degree in pure mathematics, I've spent over 5 years helping students from various backgrounds achieve their maths goals. My journey from nearly failing high school maths to excelling in university has given me a unique perspective on learning and teaching maths. I'm passionate about making maths accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their initial skill level. == My Approach: == ▪Personalized Tutoring: Tailored sessions to fit your unique needs, whether it's pure theory, exercise problems, or past exams. ▪Engagement: Strategies to keep you actively involved, aiming for a 40:60 student-to-tutor interaction ratio. ▪Comprehensive Understanding: Multiple methods to explain concepts, including visual, real-world analogies, verbal, and algebraic explanations. ▪Mathematical Language: Emphasis on both written and spoken maths to enhance understanding and comfort with abstract symbols. ▪Positive Environment: Building confidence and enjoyment in maths through a warm and supportive approach. == Why Choose Me: == ▪Extensive tutoring and university teaching experience. ▪Personal success story of overcoming mathematical challenges. ▪I have developed an advanced system of note-taking during tutorials that is efficient and helpful for the student ▪A strong belief in the potential of every student to excel in mathematics.