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100th Percentile In 3 Exams | 85 GAMSAT Score | Usyd MD I'm Tim, a GAMSAT tutor and medical student at the University of Sydney. Prior to this, I was a Management Consultant at McKinsey Shanghai after completing my undergrad at the University of Sydney, where I studied commerce and law. I've been a private tutor for 5 years, also teaching GMAT to prospective MBA applicants, LSAT to prospective law school applicants, SAT to US college applicants and having previously taught ESL in rural Korea and China. I’m passionate about uncovering the fundamental causes of a student’s underperformance and creating solutions to their GAMSAT struggles. There's no magical shortcut to the exam, but as someone who's been on and also guided many others like yourself on this journey, I'll keep you on the right path and get you there as efficiently as possible. At the end of my own GAMSAT journey, I earned a score of 85 with well-rounded section results of 76, 85 and 90. Previously, I achieved 100th percentile results in the GMAT and LSAT standardized exams by employing the same methods and mindset as for the GAMSAT. I am available tutor to sections 1, 2 and 3 as well as general exam strategy, study methods and mindset. If it sounds like I can help, send me a message and let’s chat! Qualifications 100th percentile scores in GAMSAT, GMAT and SAT. Doctor of Medicine - University of Sydney. MBA (admitted) - Wharton Business School. Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/LLB - University of Sydney. Rates GAMSAT tutoring: $260/hr GMAT/SAT tutoring: $300/hr Free initial consultation.



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