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I'm a USYD student studying Science.


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Hi there! I'm Tristan, I graduated in 2020 with First Class Honours in my Bachelor of Advanced Science (Applied Mathematics) from USYD. I'm currently studying in my third year of a Doctor of Medicine degree (also USYD) and I have a huge passion for both learning and teaching. My approach to teaching is the same as my approach in my studies, I believe that in order to thrive in a learning environment, a geniune understanding of the concepts and materials is necessary. Because of this, I try to avoid rote learning techniques and strive to teach with the goal of getting you to understand the intuition and essence of a concept. I find that this has great success with both myself and my students. I have a lot of tutoring experience, being a facutly tutor for both first year math and programming classes. Additionally I have been tutoring one-on-one on and off since 2017. I'm happy to tutor both in online and in person, a local library works, but I find zoom a lot more accomodating to my schedule! I look forward to getting to know you and your learning style!