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About me I am a Lawyer with experience in commercial litigation at a National Commercial Law Firm. In 2022, I was appointed as a Tipstaff in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. I graduated from Sydney Law School in 2021 with Honours. Expertise My results for the units I tutor are: LAWS1006 - Foundations of Law: 81 LAWS2017 - Real Property: 83 LAWS2015 - Equity: 79 LAWS2012 - Introduction to Property and Commercial Law: 77 LAWS3427 - Death and Inheritance Law: 80 Approach I can help guide you through course content, and assist you to develop your analytical approach to legal issues, including by fostering your ability to complete practice problem questions. I am very passionate about the law and want to help you achieve your goals. As a disclaimer, I do not provide any assistance with assignments (whether proofreading or otherwise). Please reach out if you have any questions!




I had Xavier for 3 tutes for property law study I was doing as part of a set of conversion studies through the Law Extension Committee of the NSW LPAB -- to allow me to convert a U.S. law degree and admission into NSW admission. Our tutes were focused on a series of fact patterns and related questions provided as part of a series of formal tutorials for my LPAB course -- but which I couldn't attend. I really enjoyed the tutes with Xavier and found them very helpful. He's a really nice guy and knows property law well -- plus he was very diligent in looking through materials from my course beforehand to make sure what he said was well tailored. I'd strongly recommend his assistance.

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