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Hello! I am a final year medical student at UQ. I graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelors of Science (Honours with Distinction), specialising in Biomedical Science. I have 3 years experience proofreading assignments and giving Anatomy/Physiology/Biology/Psychology tuition. My teaching style: I work on building a strong foundation in your understanding of the topic before adding on new concepts. I usually go through your notes or past year papers for your course before we meet so that I can highlight what's important. It will be fun and interactive session! I will also be throwing in random questions during the session to jot your recall memory. No question is a bad/stupid question. Trust me, I have been there. We will go at your pace and work with whatever questions you got. I can let you know of things I wished I knew/done better so that you won't make the same mistakes that I have made. Feel free to reach out and we can work out a suitable timing.