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Hey, my name is Henrik, I am a 24 years old PhD student from Germany. After doing my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Germany, I came to QUT to do my PhD. I‘m happy to help with any chemistry topics as well as physics and maths. Since I‘m from Germany, I‘m also happy to help with language lessons. Just let me know what you need, we‘ll sort things out. Henrik


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Henrik is an excellent tutor, who not only knows how to explain and break down the topics well, but goes beyond that, and explains all the little bits, which in my opinion, chemistry is all about the little details, that make up the compounds, and make them unique. He really connects the topics together. I finished my first session with Henrik today, and will be having more (for my cvb102 exam revision), and thought about letting others know about him, because I'm amazed at his chemistry abilities,and you can tell that he's passionate about chemistry and loves to teach. ps. Henrik does not know I'm writing this, and it's just a genuine review/recommendation from someone who's learnt so much from him from just the first session. If you're struggling with chemistry like me and wanting to ace the exam, and assignments, I highly recommend choosing Henrik. I have had other chem tutors in the past and Henrik has been the best so far!

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