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I'm a QUT student studying Science.


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Hi I'm Aryan! Graduated with a BSc majored in Environmental Science, with a double minor in Environmental Management and Wildlife Ecology. Currently working as an Environmental Graduate I have a strong appreciation for the natural world, having learnt various topics that impact industry and societal perception of our environment today in a deeper context during my time at QUT. My teaching style is resourceful, I'm most interested to know the way you can soak up information and how I can adapt learning resources to suit and give you the best outcome. For example, some learners understand better through written examples, other drawings and diagrams, others kinaesthetic (doing the task). No matter the task there's always a way to break it down and simplify what is being asked. Feel free to reach out to me if you want assistance with how to organise reports and write them in a scientific manner. Following this I can assist with basic to intermediate RStudio coding. I offer in person sessions at ($50/hr), online sessions at ($45/hr), and proofreading/document editing at ($40/hr). I can also do group sessions! 2 people - $45/hr per person 3 people - $35/hr per person 4 people - $30/hr per person


English, Marathi, Hindi


Aryan is a kind and patient tutor who is dedicated to helping his students feel comfortable, supported, and confident. I highly recommend him as a source of knowledge and advice for navigating studies and university life. Aryan has shown himself to be highly adaptable and I am certain would be of great benefit to a student of any level.

Gemma, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Aryan is an excellent and diligent student who I've known and worked with for several years through uni. He has always been very hard working and thorough with his work and in doing so produces excellent results. He is always very helpful in lending a hand to other students given he works hard and understands topics and concepts very well. He is fantastic at changing his communication and teaching methods to explain it to other students (including myself) in a way that they will understand. He would be a fantastic tutor for a person of any level

Lachlan whiteford, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


Aryan is an incredibly dedicated student! He truly gives his all and is always on top of content. I've been lucky enough to work with him in the past, and he is so patient when explaining theory. He will happily adapt his teaching style to suit your personal needs, and he's so supportive! I definitely recommend him as a tutor.

Kara, StudentVIP member
since March, 2022

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