Hi, I'm Sadhika!

I'm a USYD student studying Arts.


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Hi! I'm Sadhika and I'm a 4th year student studying International Relations and Law at the University of Sydney. I am very passionate and interested in these classes and would love to help you on your journey to finding the same love and passion for them as well. I am very easy-going and find it within my wheelhouse to tailor the manner in which we work together to find what suits you the best. I'll try my best to make sure that things aren't too boring and that you get the most out of the sessions together. I can tutor both on campus and online, depending on your preference! I'm currently tutoring: GOVT1621 - Introduction to International Relations (86) GOVT1641 - Introduction to Politics (86) GOVT1661 - Politics and Popular Culture (83) GOVT2921 - Intermediate International Relations (93) GOVT2941 - Making Policy in Political Context (81) GOVT2991 - Political Analysis (87) GOVT2225 - International Security in the 21st Century (85) GOVT3671 - Australian Foreign and Security Policy (85) GOVT3980 - Democracy and Dictatorship (85) LAWS1023 - Public International Law (80) LAWS1021 - Public Law (80) FASS2100 - Ideas and Movements that Changed the World (85) FASS2200 - Great Books and Radical Texts (81)