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* Data Scientist with a PhD in statistics * I have more than 10 years of university lecturing and tutoring experience at UTS, UNSW, and ANU. My teaching was recognised by UNSW via an excellence award (one awarded per year). I am capable of explaining complicated concepts in an understandable way. I can also assist with last minute exam preparation - I have helped many students to pass the subjects (many with good grades) for which they had lost all hope. I have strong familiarity with MATH1041 (UNSW), 26134 Business Stats (UTS), ECMT1010 (USyd), ENVX1002 (USyd), ENVX2001 (USyd), PSYC2012 (USyd), DATA1001 (USyd), MATH1005 (USyd), STAT5002 (USyd), PUBH5018/FMHU5002 (USyd), PUBH5217 (USyd), STAT1371 (Macquarie), and STAT1008 (ANU). Please contact me to enquire about statistics subjects not listed above (could be from other universities), or for consulting projects (e.g. PhD thesis dissertation statistical service). I deliver the majority of tutoring sessions online via Zoom. When reaching out, please indicate the subject, university, and whether you are seeking for once-off assistance on specific topic(s) or regular sessions. It would be helpful to send through the relevant course materials,as different subjects have different coverage, requirements, and rules of thumb. For example, some subjects would want you to consider whether a hypothesis test is one or two-sided based on the research question, but others would want you to always use a two-sided test but with one-sided conclusions for results that are statistically significant.



Jarod is an excellent and reliable tutor who explains the difficult concepts clearly and patiently. I highly recommended for Jarod due to his experience, expertise in area and helping me to achieve my goal.

Rose, StudentVIP member
since March, 2023


Jarod is absolutely a great tutor, he is very patient and helped me with the revision of the exam for ENVX2001.

George, StudentVIP member
since May, 2021


Jarod has been an absolutely incredible tutor for the past year! He is so helpful and wants you to understand the material and do well in the subjects. He teaches in a patient and understanding way, and gives multiple examples for problems to make sure you understand the criteria for any given scenario. Could not recommend Jarods tutoring enough!

Cameron, StudentVIP member
since September, 2020


Clear, concise and very patient. I recommend Jarod for anybody trying to understand PSYC2012

Sunny, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


Jarod has been an immense help during statistics. As other students have noted, he ensures he is well-prepared before lessons, and I feel he puts in a lot of effort so that we can make the best use of both our time. He's also incredibly patient, explaining (and re-explaining) concepts to me so I could understand Jarod is also responsive and quickly negotiated times around our schedules if I needed help Thanks for the support Jarod!

Ellie, StudentVIP member
since May, 2020


Jarod understanding of statistics is thorough and I believe he can assist in any level whether it be: beginner, intermediate, or senior. He assisted me with the understanding of the R component of a senior level statistics unit. As well as this his level of senior statistics knowledge in the fields of: Two-Way ANOVA, nested models, Latin Square Design , ANCOVA were some new concepts for me. He also helped me with exam preparation by doing the calculations manually as well as through R studio programming. He is well adapt in R and would recommend anyone to look into him if you have some difficulties with R. The price is a tad on the higher side but I believe you are getting your money's worth as Jarod had to put in his own time in order to go through the material. He is well-prepared in all his lessons- provided the student sends through the material and also explain what they would like to cover in advance. Most importantly of all, I believe lessons with Jarod, encourage me to learn further in statistics and/or data science. I can see the relevance it has in the real world/work environment and want to learn further for my own knowledge.

Dave, StudentVIP member
since August, 2014


10 days before my finals I contacted Jarod for help with statistics, by far my most hated and worst performing subject xD Jarod is an excellent tutor who was able to teach me both the basics and advanced concepts in a digestible fashion. Very responsive, and worth the price. He’s the only reason I passed stats.

Thomas, StudentVIP member
since January, 2019


Jarod is a fantastic tutor who comes In prepared and is efficient. Helped me so much with my statistics assignment.

Angeline, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020

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