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⭐ GPA: 6.9 ⭐ Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence for 5 semesters 📚 4 years teaching experience 📚 Hi! I'm Derrick and I completed my Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2022 with a 6.9 GPA. I'm currently a 2nd year Doctor of Medicine student. I tutor most premed/biomed subjects: - BIOL1020 (99.6% in the mini-tests) - BIOL1040 (95% overall mark) - CHEM1100 (98% overall mark) - NEUR1020 (95% overall mark) - NUTR1023 (100% in the final exam) - PHYS1171 (100% in the final exam) - SCIE1000 (100% in the final exam) - STAT1201 (96% overall mark) - BIOL2200 (95% overall mark) - BIOL2202 (100% in the video task) - BIOM2011 (96% in the quizzes) - BIOM2012 (97.5% in the lab report) - BIOM2020 (95% overall mark) - BIOM2402 - ANAT3022 - BIOL3003 - BIOM3002 (100% in the dissections) - BIOM3401 (98% in the mid-semester exam) - NEUR3002 - 1st Year Medicine (MEDI7100): 95% in CAT1 exam I have helped past students excel in their assessments and I can help identify the parts of content worth revising on, or improve your exam technique to attain top marks. Sessions can be online on Zoom or on-campus. If interested, please contact me here :)




I highly recommend Derrick. He is a talented tutor. His personality also is amazingly nice. He really care for the people to learn and understand the content. I’m really happy with all my sessions that I had with him. He is a massive help.

Fatema, StudentVIP member
since March, 2020


Derrick is an excellent tutor and one I can definitely recommend. He has a clear way of explaining difficult concepts.

James, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


I highly recommed Derrick as a tutor, he was so helpful to me on my undertsanding of physics and was really good at explaining and breaking everything down for me, he really made comprehending physics easier!

Brianna, StudentVIP member
since September, 2021


I highly recommended Derrick. He is a nice person that always listen to my problems and try to explain it in a way that i can easily understand.

Quang, StudentVIP member
since October, 2021


I would highly recommend Derrick. He is very understanding and encouraging and had a great way of explaining topics so that I could understand the concepts.

Holly, StudentVIP member
since June, 2021


I contacted Derrick desperately in need of help with PHYS1171. He was always very responsive, kind and flexible. I found it easy to bring up areas of difficulty, and then have them addressed patiently and clearly. His organised, targeted tutoring unjumbled weeks’ worth of confusion. With Derrick’s help, I went from knowing practically nothing to having a working understanding that allowed me to comfortably pass the exam.

Olive, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021

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