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Hi, my name is Leah and I am a practising community lawyer with 2.5 PAE. I graduated from Vic Uni in 2016 with first class Honours and received a high distinction for my honours thesis. I have also recently graduated from Trinity College in Dublin with a Masters of International and Comparative Law with first class honours. I also ranked No. 1 in the entire Masters cohort. I am happy to provide students with one off and or ongoing assistance.

How I can help you:
- I can provide verbal/written feedback on assignments/assessments.
- I can guide you through assignment questions/topics
- I can help you to better understand assignment questions
- I can help you with research
- I can help you with exam preparation
- I can provide advice on note taking, lecture note taking etc.

I am also very happy to mentor you and provide you with guidance on how to apply for internships, volunteer positions, studying abroad (I lived and studied a semester of my LLB in the Netherlands), and the admission process. I am currently supervising a number interns at my workplace.

I am extremely friendly, easy to work with and am able to build rapport with students quite quickly. I create a safe environment for you to learn and receive feedback without judgement.



Leah is really enthusiastic and a lovely tutor.

Oliver, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019